Cannula Training Courses

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Advantages of Using a Cannula

Chin & Jawline With Cannula

The chin and jawline have a crucial role in the overall facial shape and when treated effectively can create a more balanced, slim, defined and naturally youthful appearance.

Jaw contouring is considered the No1 'in' treatment at the moment with its popularity helped by social media and by the number of celebrities undergoing this treatment.

Our expert trainers have several years of experience in performing these treatments and will guide you in the techniques they use to give your patients the best possible outcomes. 

The course will be mainly taught through ‘hands on’ practical training on your model.

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Cheeks & Nasolabial Folds With Cannula

Cheek enhancement and nasolabial folds treatment using needle and cannula, also known as the non-surgical mid-face lift, is a popular treatment. 

On this course you will learn how to create beautiful cheeks, restore volume loss in the mid face, drooping, fill fine lines and overall, create a more youthful appearance.

Prior to attending the practical component of the course, you will receive a digital presentation to build and refresh your knowledge.

On the practical training day, you will be treating your own model with the support and supervision of your tutor. 

This ‘hands-on’ experience, together with the digital presentation, will provide you with the confidence and ability to safely treat various patients using the full range of Juvederm fillers.

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Lips & Marionette Lines With Cannula

Lip enhancement treatments are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in Scotland and the UK today.

Our Lips & Marionette Lines training course will help you master the most up-to-date techniques, teaching you how to treat lips and marionette lines using cannula.

You will learn how to assess both younger and more mature lips so you can treat your patients of differing ages with optimal, age-appropriate results.

We will cover the essential theory and you will be treating your own model with the support and supervision of your tutor. 

This course will provide you with the confidence, knowledge and clinical skills to safely treat various patients' lips and marionette lines using the full range of Juvederm fillers with cannula.

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