Information For Nurses

Interested in Training to be a Cosmetic Nurse?

Here at Inspired Cosmetic Training, we have years of experience training nurses in medical aesthetics and approx. 60% of our course delegates are nurses with many going on to establish their own successful aesthetic clinics!

We have put some useful information together to answer some of your questions.

Why Medical Aesthetics?

Working in aesthetics can be both rewarding and satisfying, as well as a profitable and added source of income. Starting out in aesthetics allows you to expand your current skill set and learn something new. With Inspired Cosmetic Training we provide a comprehensive learning platform to ensure you receive both the theoretical knowledge and hands on practical training on live models allowing you to have real life clinical experience on your training day. 


Your average cost to treat one Botox patient is approx. £100. Once you work out your pricing depending on competitors etc, you can look at charging anywhere from £250+ for your three standard areas.

Depending on which treatment, product and quantity used, the cost for you to purchase dermal filler can start from £60. You would look to charge anywhere from £180+ per syringe. 

We will cover pricing fully on the course and what you should expect to charge patients.

Prescribing Botox

As you will be aware, Botulinum Toxin and other Botulinum Toxins are prescription only medicines (POM) which means you either must be a prescribing nurse, or use a prescribing service after the course.

Each patient you see will require a face to face consultation must be provided by a medically qualified person or a nurse prescriber.

What we suggest for non prescribing nurses is either work alongside a prescriber to begin with, rent rooms where there is a prescriber working or there are people who provide prescribing services who will come to your clinic to see your patients.

When using a prescribing service, generally what we have found is nurses arrange ‘clinic days’ where their prescriber will see all their patients in one afternoon. Both yourself and your prescriber will see your patient and complete a face to face consultation. Your prescriber will provide you with the prescription and you would invite your patient to return a few days later for treatment. Your prescriber does not have to be present at time of injections therefor more economical to arrange all consultations in one morning or afternoon. 

There is a wide range of treatments nurses can offer if you decide not to use Botulinum Toxin to start with or limited use, from skin peels to dermal fillers to laser treatments and so on and we can help you with training in all these areas.

After your course we can provide a list of prescribers happy to be contacted and provide their services after the course. 


After your course, it is mandatory you have insurance in place before you start treating patients. Inspired Cosmetic Training are a recognised training provider for all leading medical aesthetic insurance providers including Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance and Cosmetic Insure. You will gain a preferential rate with your ICT certificate.

Other Things to Consider

After your course, you will also need to set up with a pharmacy to purchase your products and materials. We will cover and provide further information after your course on all aspects of setting up your business, marketing and products you require. 

We also strongly recommend all our delegates to keep their knowledge up to date and return for further training after their course. This not only expends your treatment portfolio, but keeps you up to date with the latest injection techniques, tips and knowledge to continue your aesthetic journey.

We hope this has helped answer some questions and a member of the team will be more than happy to discuss further information and training options to suit you. Please call 0141 638 4098.