V300 Placements

V300 Placements

Note - We are full for  supervised placements for this year check back in 2023  

About your Supervised Placement 

Key Elements

o    Our supervised placements are drawn up to meet the requirements of your non-medical prescribing course. 

o    This will comprise of 12 days (equivalent of 90 hrs.) compulsory learning in practice spread over the duration of your course. 

o    You will also have a dedicated placement organiser who will ensure your placement runs smoothly - you can be assured of a professionally run placement.

o    At the start of your placement, in consultation with yourself we will draw up a learning contract with  you, provide a learning programme which will meet your learning objectives and enable you to gain competency in prescribing.  

o    Inspired Cosmetic Training’s supervised placements will take place in a variety of HIS registered clinics in the Glasgow area,  so you are exposed to more opportunities for learning. We will ensure you of a - Welcoming and Friendly Environment

Supervised Placement Content 

Typical key areas we will cover in your prescribing placement are listed below, Sessions with your DPP will take the form of – one to one teaching, in depth discussions, question and answer sessions, shadowing, observations and learning opportunities to meet learning objectives, as well as directed self-learning. You will also have opportunities to attend advanced Botox and dermal filler training and to observe teaching sessions. 

o    The RPS  a framework for all prescribers

o    NMC & RCN guidance on NMP’s

o    Pharmacy support


Discussions and practice around:


o    What makes a good Consultation 

o    Doing a consultation 

o    Making a diagnosis 

o    Making a differential diagnosis

o    Writing a prescription 

o    Non prescribing 

o    Drug Interactions 

o    Documentation and legalities around prescribing.

o    How to use the BNF

o    Licenced & Unlicensed medicines

o    Face to face support with practical prescribing 

o    Private prescribing 

o    Drug groups, in a more general prescribing sense, coumarins, antibiotic groups e.g., Aminoglycosides, Tetracyclines, penicillins, Cephalosporins. 

o    Specific sessions around, Aciclovir, Steroids and Antibiotic use in Aesthetics.

o    Skin care prescribing within Aesthetics Practice eg: Tretinoin, Topical steroids, acne treatments. 

o    Other tests/procedures to instruct and monitor before prescribing certain treatments. Eg Venepuncture.

Directed Self learning: 

o    Online support with independent learning

o    Supplementary prescribing in practice

o    Proof reading Essays for flow and content

o    Guidance to independent learning resources

o    NES, NHS and scholarly articles. 

Please note - We only have a limited number of placements each year and priority is firstly given to those who have completed our foundation or advanced training in Botox and dermal fillers.

For Further Information Contact: 

By Telephone: Carolyn Fraser on 0141 638 4098/079 6656 

By Email: Carolyn@inspiredcosmetictraining.com

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